Traceability for sustainable cocoa

Are you a customer? Come follow yours shipments, with all the informations on farmers and cooperatives.


Ocean is an Ivorian company exporting cocoa beans and raw cashew nuts. Created in 2013 and based in the port of Abidjan it consist of 15 employees ensuring the purchase, storage and export of quality products that are traceable. Ocean has a strong presence in the field upcountry as close as possible to the source of the product. In that respect we have strong partnership with Socoopacdi and Ecam, cooperatives of cocoa farmers and main suppliers of Ocean. At Ocean our goal is simple: develop a fair and sustainable agriculture. We guarantee the traceability of our supply chain and our products are UTZ and Faire Trade certified. With the help of our European partners Cocoasource and Tony’s Chocolonely, we are developing and supervising the creation of several social projects for the farmers of our cooperatives.


Cocoasource is a cocoa bean and raw cashew nut trading company created in 2007 and based Switzerland. Cocoasource supplies cocoa to the chocolate industry in Europe, Asia and United-States from several origins of West Africa and South America. Thanks to its experience and good knowledge of the origin countries, Cocoasource has established strong relations with identified suppliers and acts as a link between producers and consumers. Cocoasource is in charge of the marketing of the cocoa and cashew from Ocean. With this partnership, Cocoasource is able to offer a traceable and sustainable supply chain to its customers.


The Société Coopérative des Producteurs de Café-Cacao de Divo (SOCOOPACDI) has been created in December of 2001 and is based in Hermankono Dies in the Loh Djiboua (Ivory Coast). Cooperative of over 1’000 farmers, Socoopacdi’s main goal is to improve the welfare of its members. The logistics and marketing of the goods is centralized by the cooperative ensuring more efficiency and higher income for the farmer. With the financial help of Ocean, Socoopacdi is now certified Fair Trade and UTZ which allows to market the cocoa at a premium while ensuring several social projects are implemented. Thanks to continuous training sessions, Socoopacdi ensures the cocoa produced by the farmers is of quality and traceable.


The Entreprise Coopérative des Agriculteurs de Méagui (ECAM) has been created in August of 2004 and based in Méagui in the Nawa (Ivory Coast). With more than 1’400 members and producers, Ecam is developing year after year a sustainable production with the help of certificating bodies such as Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade. The cooperative’s key objective is to improve the living conditions of its members. Several social projects and multiple training sessions have been implemented for the benefits of its farmer’s.